The Fenêtre Capture Tool offers you superfriendly and unique possibilities for making professional screen captures and screen recordings with sound. Being easy to use and free to download, the Fenêtre Capture Tool is perfect for anyone but especially for people who are looking for an advanced function-oriented screenshot and screen recorder app for Windows.

Advanced screen recording

Set precise recording areas and capture sound or edit, blur and annotate screenshots. This free Windows screen recording app offers you extensive capture options and a quick connection with Teams for easy sharing.

Drag an arrow and add text directly

Game mode: capture fullscreen with sound

Pause screen recordings and annotate

Edit multiple pictures while you capture

Unlock the selected region

Share recordings with Microsoft Teams

User friendly screenshot app full of advanced features


Annotate screenshots and recordings with text, arrows, highlights, blur, drawing and many more features.

Set precise recording areas

Set the precise width and height of recording area by entering the desired number of pixels.

Arrow with text

Use the unique arrow with text function to insert an arrow and text box in one action.

Multiple edit windows

Take multiple screenshots and recordings as you go and edit them all (at the same time) later in the in-app editor.

Lock/unlock recordings

Lock and unlock the Capture Tool to quickly change windows/tabs without closing the recording.

Customizable recording area

Capture a selected area, your entire desktop, your active screen, or your active window with a single click.

Share with Outlook and Teams

Log in with your Microsoft account and send recordings directly to Teams and Outlook from the Capture Tool.

Export to multiple formats

Screenshots can be saved in different file formats and videos can be converted to a MP4 video or GIF.

User friendly interface

The Capture Tool is easy to use, intuitive and reliable.

Configurable hotkeys

Set your own shortcuts and activate the correct action anywhere in Windows.

Screen recording with audio

Record screens with multiple screensize options and audio settings.

About the developer

Fenêtre Online Solutions is a software development company specialized in innovative business software. Our goal is to develop high quality, user friendly custom software that supports business-critical processes. We originally developed the Capture Tool as a special gift for our customers. Their enthusiasm made us decide to offer the tool to everyone for free. Fenêtre B.V. is ISO-27001 certified. Visit the website.

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