The Fenêtre Capture Tool offers users extensive possibilities for making professional screenshots and screen recordings. The Capture Tool is free for personal and business use. Sale to third parties is of course prohibited.

Download the latest version of the Fenêtre Capture Tool


The Capture Tool is designed to update automatically and gives you the option to accept this. We recommend the automatic updates so you don’t miss out any of the new features and any newly-discovered security or performance issues. There’s no action required on your part. Once we have made a change, you can take advantage of that change right away.


All major benefits in a glance

Transform communication. Paint a clear picture for better communication and collaboration.

Provide feedback. Get your views across with clear annotations.

Solve problems. Help other by showing not telling.

Explain ideas visually. Visuals change the way people look at concepts.

Create step-by-step instructions. Support your audience by making demonstrations and tutorials.

Take notes. Make screenshots as you go and annotate them all later.

Keep an overview. Save and find all your recordings in the structured content library.

Capture clean content. The Capture Tool is free to use, no watermark or sign of branding.